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Final Kelty Endowed Organ Recital of the Season

Friday, May 25, 7:30 pm

Cathedral's Music Director,

Dr. Philip Brisson in Concert

Free, Open to the Public


Thank you - We All Bleed Red

Blood donation during press event in Cathedral Undercroft April 24

Cathedral Parish Nurses offering refreshments to donors.

Thanks to all who participated in the first day of our community’s largest ever multi-faith blood drive (part of the 23rd annual Festival of Faiths: Many Faiths, One Heart, Common Action).

Check out The Record article featuring parishioner Linda Squire and Opioid Epidemic. 

Want to check out some 360 degree photos of the Cathedral? Kelsey Hillary of took photos today. Click here to see them.

Cathedral featured in music video of "Say a Prayer."  Click here to view.   

Vatican Observatory highlights Msgr. Bouchet's telescope housed in the Archdiocese of Louisville History Center. Click here to check it out!!!!

Tek4Kids, Inc. (Gary and Cathy Boice’s nonprofit) uses education and technology to break the poverty cycle in Haiti.  They provide existing schools in Haiti with clean water, electricity, computers and teachers.  Children share clean water with their families, reducing instances of cholera and waterborne illnesses. Students that receive computer skills from the Tek4Kids program will be able to find much more advanced jobs despite the high unemployment rate in the area. To learn more about Tek4Kids, visit

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Day 1.
After arising at 3:30am we departed Lou. International at 6:00 am on AA Embraer EMB 175 to Miami, where we got on a Boeing 767 Jet to Port au Prince. There we got on a Cherokee 6 about the size of a medium SUV. Thankfully we did not need to get on another plane as we did not have any rubber bands.

If we are lucky there may be photos of Dave with two of his BFF.

Dave & BFFYou might note their hand in Dave's pocket waiting for their tip from helping with loading luggage on the Cherokee, yes it did hold luggage and five people.

Rogers Plane

Also there is a photo as we approach the runway at Jeremie International.

Jeremie Air Strip

Other than arriving a bit worse for wear, today was not real productive. Dave and I did spend some time at the Rectory of St. Louis Cathedral looking at a building being used for feeding the homeless. We are to meet with Father Emile to discuss improvements to the building.
That about covers the days activity other then the mundane. As always keep us and the people of Haiti in your prayers.

Peace, Jack