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Thomas Merton’s Lenten Prayer of the Desert
Cathedral Undercroft
Sunday, March 4, after 9:30 am Mass
Presented by parishioner Mark Meade.
Mr. Meade is the Assistant Director of the Thomas Merton Center at Bellarmine University, the current President of the International Thomas Merton Society.  Coffee and donuts will be served.   

The Sacred Rite of Fasting in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
Sunday, March 18, 3:30-5 pm
Cathedral Undercroft—Free and Open to Public

Interfaith devotional program organized by The Salaam Network in coordination with The Cathedral of the Assumption. Jewish, Christian and Islamic religious scholars share their perspective on fasting in their respective traditions. Music and chanting from the three Abrahamic religions bring to life the spiritual message of fasting.

Cathedral Golden Stars

On March 14, the Golden Stars will have an early St. Patrick’s Day lunch at 12 Noon at the Molly Malones located at 3900 Shelbyville Road, 40207, in St. Matthews.  Please wear your favorite green and come help us toast to St. Paddy’s Day.  Please contact Brenda McWaters at 502-641-1575 or

Don’t Sit Home in April!! Please join us for  an all you can eat dinner and an Award nominated play. It’s MAMA MIA! Doors open at 6 pm and the play starts at 7:45 pm. Derby Dinner Playhouse is located on 525 Marriott Dr. in Clarksville Indiana.  Please contact Brenda McWaters at 502-641-1575 or and please sign up by March 14. If we have 20 to sign up the group rate is $39 per person. If any of you attended our last event there, Sister Act, the play was great and the food was delicious. Please join us for another fun evening!

Cathedral Choir Dinner and Entertainment Fundraiser

The Cathedral of the Assumption Choir is pleased to present The Gospel According to Mark on Saturday, March 10, 2018, after the 5:30 Mass at the Cathedral of the Assumption, 433 South Fifth Street.  The show features Derby Dinner Playhouse veteran J.R. Stuart in a solo performance as Mark Twain during two different time periods in Mr. Twain’s life.  Recommended for ages 13 and over, this evening of laughter and social commentary has been delighting audiences for decades. There is a $30 suggested donation for the dinner and show and a $20 suggested donation for the show only. All proceeds will go towards the Cathedral Choir’s trip to Washington DC this summer. Make your RSVP today!  Contact 502.439.5151. Also included is a musical preshow by choir members Rick and Shaune Rebilas and Greg and Natalie Wood with Dr. Philip Brisson.


Check out The Record article featuring parishioner Linda Squire and Opioid Epidemic. 

Want to check out some 360 degree photos of the Cathedral? Kelsey Hillary of took photos today. Click here to see them.

Cathedral featured in music video of "Say a Prayer."  Click here to view.   

Vatican Observatory highlights Msgr. Bouchet's telescope housed in the Archdiocese of Louisville History Center. Click here to check it out!!!!

Tek4Kids, Inc. (Gary and Cathy Boice’s nonprofit) uses education and technology to break the poverty cycle in Haiti.  They provide existing schools in Haiti with clean water, electricity, computers and teachers.  Children share clean water with their families, reducing instances of cholera and waterborne illnesses. Students that receive computer skills from the Tek4Kids program will be able to find much more advanced jobs despite the high unemployment rate in the area. To learn more about Tek4Kids, visit

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Monday - I think this is day #11!
Lot's of last minute clean up getting ready for the open house this evening.  Phillipe, the technical school director, has invited a lot of people along with 24 students who will begin classes on Thursday.  Clervil, the network teacher, and Elisabeth, the admin assistant, are in overdrive setting up a table of refreshments, greeting posters, balloons.
We knocked off early so we could go back to the house and relax a bit, get cleaned up, eat a late lunch/early supper.  Gary stopped by EDH to see if he could talk to someone about our power problems at the House .. more on that later!  Then back for the open house!
I must say it was interesting to see everyone showing up.  All of the Tek4Kids staff in Jeremie: Baba, Max (who brought his 7 year old daughter who is a doll), Francklyn (and his father) and all the teachers: Laura, Josselin, John Davidson, Roodmy, Shirley, Jean Marie, Patrick and Allenz.  Plus the Tech School staff of Phillipe, Clervil, Elisabeth and then Rose and Eric who will be teaching English for the next few months.  Others I knew included Fr Ernest and Fr Luxo from College St Louis, Fr Marc-Arthur - Pastor of Cathedral St Louis. Sr Macda from Bro Paulin School, Sr Helene from St Jean Bosco, Madam Clovita from St Therese Montessori, Patrick the hardware store owner, Benice the concrete contractor, the tile contractor.
The students seemed to have family with them, I think there may have been a town official or two as well.
Several speeches, introductions, lots of looking around at the rooms (refreshments in hand), projector showing live shots from the 3 cameras we had installed. Lots of people taking pictures of each other, several even had friends take a picture of them with me.

All in all a pretty good show!  Gary was happy!

By 7:30 or it was time to head home .. after dark.  Gary, Cathy, Rose and Bob piled into Elisabeth's SUV, Baba took Eric on his bike, Clervil had me on his bike.  First time for me to ride on the back of a bike at night .. a new experience.
Back to EDH.  Gary talked to a manager who seemed to understand our issues.  Net result ... when EDH power came on, the inverter stayed on .. it has not stayed on with city power for the past several weeks.  So we charged batteries (new big ones that were put in last week).

No generator last night .. pretty good sleep.  Came down for coffee, inverter doing it's job.  Power at the house good for a change ... a bit too soon to celebrate, but there is hope.
I met with Fr Marc-Arthur to make sure we were all in tune for working on the building where the poorest are fed.  All systems are go.  Doubt I'll see anything before we leave, but I'm confident things will begin to happen.
Classes at the Technical School begin tomorrow.  Today we were still trying to finish several projects.  Gary got in touch with the Kubota folks regarding the big generator.  With the heat we're in, they said we needed heavier oil ... 10W30 doesn't quite get it.  Oil got changed and things appear better.
When I took a break to get some fresher air, I looked down below ... kids is kids anywhere!  Can't quite see it but the girls are playing jump rope.  The boys in the distance are playing tag on a gravel pile.

By the time we came home about 4 we still had fans!  Big batteries and EDH/city power working makes a REALLY BIG Difference!
After supper we listened to a thunder storm for quite awhile. No rain!

Rose is trying to understand how Bob can be watching a movie on his cell phone!  NetFlix does wonders!