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 Annual Filipino Festival Next Sunday, September 24

Our local Filipino Community is hosting an evening rich in culture—faith, food, and more.  Funds raised  at this event go directly toward the Cathedral Scholarship Fund, which helps students, whose parents have limited income, attend a Catholic school. The recommended donation is $10/$10/person over the age of 10.  No reservations are required. 

In 1989, just two years after St. Lorenzo de Ruiz, the first martyr of the Philippines, was canonized by Pope John Paul II, the local Filipino Community and the Cathedral of the Assumption started the tradition of a Filipino Festival.  At the 5:30 pm Mass, a statue and banner commemorating St. Lorenzo are carried in procession.  The buffet of home-cooked Filipino dishes follows immediately in the Undercroft.  Please plan to come. 


If you own a pet, or a pet owns you, plan to attend the Blessing of the Animals to be held on the front steps of the Cathedral on Sunday, October 1, at 2 pm.  This brief service gives us the opportunity to mark the Feast of Saint Francis of Assisi and to give thanks for our pets. All are welcome!

 Hurricane Irma has caused massive destruction in Florida and the Caribbean.  We can support our brothers and sisters in these areas through monetary donations that will be used to specifically support the Diocese of Saint Thomas in the Virgin Island, recovery efforts of Catholic Charities, and efforts to provide pastoral and rebuilding support to the impacted dioceses through the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.  Checks should include the notation: 2017 Hurricane Irma Collection and can be turned into the parish or mailed directly to: Archdiocese of Louisville, ATTN: Finance Office, P.O. Box 32533, Louisville, KY 40232-2533.

Thinking of Becoming Catholic?  If you have thought of becoming Catholic, or if you have questions about the Catholic Church, the Cathedral offers RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) classes. Classes meet on Sunday mornings after 9:30 Mass.   For information please contact George Kaissieh, 657-5217 or 

Check out The Record article featuring parishioner Linda Squire and Opioid Epidemic. 

Want to check out some 360 degree photos of the Cathedral?  Kelsey Hillary of took photos today.  Click here to see them.

Cathedral featured in music video of "Say a Prayer."  Click here to view.   

Cathedral's Daily Lunch Program to be honored.  Click here to read Sheldon Shafer's article that appeared in the Courier Journal on May 10.

Vatican Observatory highlights Msgr. Bouchet's telescope housed in the Archdiocese of Louisville History Center. Click here to check it out!!!!

Tek4Kids, Inc. (Gary and Cathy Boice’s nonprofit) uses education and technology to break the poverty cycle in Haiti.  They provide existing schools in Haiti with clean water, electricity, computers and teachers.  Children share clean water with their families, reducing instances of cholera and waterborne illnesses. Students that receive computer skills from the Tek4Kids program will be able to find much more advanced jobs despite the high unemployment rate in the area. To learn more about Tek4Kids, visit

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It's Sunday evening ... we had a slightly shorter day today.

We began with Mass ... and Jack Lydon would have loved it ... we thought Mass began at 8:00 so we left the house at 7:45.  We arrived at the beginning of the Liturgy of the Eucharist.  A bit embarrassing, but short!

After a light brunch of bread and tuna, with a cake for dessert, we headed to the Technical School.  Mainly sweeping floors, getting things cleared out of 3 rooms, last minute wiring changes, making a long patch cable for the printer, getting the wireless projector on line.

Eric met with the teachers to discuss English classes for them.  Rose joyfully put her posters on the wall that she had meticulously carried in a mailing tube on the plane.

We've got an open house Monday at 5:00 to show the Bishop and several folks that need to be in tune.

During a break in the action, I cornered Baba and Bos Benice to chat about the Sister Parish project we're trying to work on.  I'm meeting with Fr Marc-Arthur on Tuesday.  Hope to see something happen before I leave.  The parish here is serving a lunch to the poorest of the poor in a buiding that is not very nice to see.  We intend to make some minor structural repairs, cosmetic repairs and paint the place.  I hope to write more later and will help Jack Lydon present things to our parish in general at the proper time.

Monday morning some of us may be going to St Therese Montessori to re-hang the electrical line that comes in from the street.  When the construction project to add the second floor rooms last year was done, the line from the street was hung rather poorly ... definitely not safe!

Since someone found some strawberry jam in the refrigerator, the cake that Mia fixed has been given an extra kick with a bit of jam!

We're all getting a little punchy from work, heat and high humidity, lack of good sleep.  Eric and Rose are trying to pick up enough know how to survive here on their own for the next 4-6 weeks before Gary and others return.

About time to say good night!