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June 23, Marriott Downtown

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Want to check out some 360 degree photos of the Cathedral? Kelsey Hillary of took photos today. Click here to see them.

Cathedral featured in music video of "Say a Prayer."  Click here to view.   

Vatican Observatory highlights Msgr. Bouchet's telescope housed in the Archdiocese of Louisville History Center. Click here to check it out!!!!

Tek4Kids, Inc. (Gary and Cathy Boice’s nonprofit) uses education and technology to break the poverty cycle in Haiti.  They provide existing schools in Haiti with clean water, electricity, computers and teachers.  Children share clean water with their families, reducing instances of cholera and waterborne illnesses. Students that receive computer skills from the Tek4Kids program will be able to find much more advanced jobs despite the high unemployment rate in the area. To learn more about Tek4Kids, visit

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Saturday - 9/19
I forgot to mention that we had a nice little storm Friday afternoon.  Lightning, thunder, wind.  Enough wind that rain blew into several rooms at the Technical School, as well as my bedroom.  When I went to my room, I first noted the curtain over the window at the head of my bed was on the board.  Then I noticed leaves on my bed, then I realized my pillow and sheets were soaked ... omens of sleeping on the floor!  I stripped the sheets and brought them down to hang and dry and then Mia intervened.  By the time I headed for bed, there was a dry pillow, clean sheets and a mattress that did not feel wet.  Mia works miracles!

When Roger flew in to pick up Yemi at the Jeremie International Airport ... aka rough landing strip with an actual wind sock ... Gary was able to get a few shots of him flying by.  This is one of the better ones!  Looks like Snoopy and the Red Baron!

We're to at the point of having 3 of the rooms in reasonable shape.  Electrical work is done, lights in ceiling, floors swept at least 10 times trying to get all the debris from construction up.  We've shuffled parts, suitcases of various supplies from one room to another in the process. Basically working toward an open house Monday evening.

Here are some before and after pics of the first classroom.


We have 3 cameras installed, one is outside keeping an eye on the Generator shed.  Getting it mounted outside in July was a major high wire act!  I'll try to capture a picture to show exciting views!  Here's a shot showing the Network Lab space.

This is a picture from one of the Hall cameras, Max walking by:

Hall Camera

As you may note, the date and time are not correct.  I'm still trying to get that problem solved!

Gary is attempting to teach Eric and Rose the finer points of dealing with generators, inverters, city power, when and how to pump water, which keys they need, how to call the US on their cell phones.  And how reach Baba, Roger the bush pilot, Lazzar the taxi driver in Port au Prince; all the critical people who make traveling around feasible.

One more long day in the books!  Heading for Mass at Cathedral St Louis in the morning.