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Mass for Those Who Have Lost Loved Ones through Opiate Overdose - On Sunday, May 28, at the 5:30 Mass, we invite all who have lost loved ones through opiate overdose to join in prayer at the Cathedral of the Assumption, 433 South 5th Street.  Opiate-related deaths are of epidemic proportions.  Much more poignant than the staggering statistics are the loved ones we mourn.  Each death is a loss experienced by so many.  Please come join us in worship as we lift up those we mourn into the tender care of our loving Father and as we ask for God’s comfort and healing and the empowerment to be comforters and healers to one another.   


Cathedral featured in music video of "Say a Prayer."  Click here to view.   




Cathedral's Daily Lunch Program to be honored.  Click here to read Sheldon Shafer's article that appeared in the Courier Journal on May 10.





Our Cathedral Parish Nurse E.A. Cole has been chosen as “2017 CHM Faith Community Nurse of the Year!” Norton Healthcare defines a Parish Nurse as a “registered professional nurse who is actively licensed in a given state and who serves as a member of the staff of a faith community. The faith community nurse promotes wholeness of the faith community, its groups, families, and individual members through the practice of nursing as defined by that state's nurse practice act in jurisdiction in which the faith community nurse practices.” E.A. was chosen from the many outstanding Parish Nurses from our local community to receive this award.  E.A.’s faith filled dedication to the Cathedral, it’s ministries and community outreach, especially to those whose circumstances prevent them from being able to attend the Cathedral is an amazing gift to us.Thank you E.A. for bringing this honor to our Cathedral Parish!

Vatican Observatory highlights Msgr. Bouchet's telescope housed in the Archdiocese of Louisville History Center. Click here to check it out!!!!

Tek4Kids, Inc. (Gary and Cathy Boice’s nonprofit) uses education and technology to break the poverty cycle in Haiti.  They provide existing schools in Haiti with clean water, electricity, computers and teachers.  Children share clean water with their families, reducing instances of cholera and waterborne illnesses. Students that receive computer skills from the Tek4Kids program will be able to find much more advanced jobs despite the high unemployment rate in the area. To learn more about Tek4Kids, visit

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Tri-Covenant SigningTri-Covenant Agreement

Whereas, it is the will of our Lord Jesus Christ “that they may be one”; and

Whereas, the highest leadership of the Roman Catholic and Anglican Churches have expressed a desire for growth toward full unity; and

Whereas, the Bishop of Kentucky (Episcopal), the Bishop of Kentucky (United Methodist), and the Archbishop of Louisville (Roman Catholic) have expressed full support and encouragement of covenant relationships among the congregations of these Churches;

Now therefore we solemnly and reverently enter into the Covenant, and we do pledge:

  1. To pray at Sunday worship for each other’s Bishops, Pastors, and Congregations by name;
  2. To maintain a joint Tri-Covenant Committee;
  3. To gather regularly for worship, formation, and social outreach; and
  4. To exchange newsletters and other appropriate communications.

We pledge ourselves to these objectives and pray the blessing of Almighty God on this Covenant, that we may be faithful to it, to God’s Honor and Glory.

In Witness Whereof, we have hereunto set our hands this twentieth day of May in the Year of Our Lord, Two Thousand and Seven.

Signed by:

The Right Reverend Edwin F. Gulick, Jr., Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Kentucky 
The Very Reverend Mark A. Bourlakas, Dean of Christ Church Cathedral
E. Page Curry, Episcopal Tri-Covenant Committee

Bishop James R. King, Jr., Bishop of the United Methodist Annual Conference of Kentucky
Reverend Doctor Jean G. Hawxhurst, Pastor of Fourth Avenue United Methodist Church
Reverend Sarah Ewing, United Methodist Tri-Covenant Committee

The Most Reverend Thomas C. Kelly, O.P., Archbishop of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Louisville
The Very Reverend William L. Fichteman, Pastor of the Cathedral of the Assumption
Earl Shiring, Roman Catholic Tri-Covenant Committee

Tri-Covenant Committee – This group welcomes members from Christ Church Cathedral and 4th Avenue United Methodist Church when they are guests at our Cathedral and also works on Tri-Covenant events.


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